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Educate yourself and connect with others to spread the word about Fukushima. Check out these important and very informative links to resources including websites and videos. Research, gather information and share what you have learned on your social networks.  Check back often for new links. Knowledge is power.

OSTE around the Web:

Operation SAVE the Earth on Facebook – 4-STEPS newsupdated daily
Operation SAVE the Earth on Twitter – the hub for ALL the info
Operation SAVE the Earth on Pinterest – content geared towards moms and kids
Operation SAVE the Earth on StumbleUpon – the science behind Fukushima, lots of good data
Operation SAVE the Earth on Google+ – the frontline news for us West Coasters and downwinders
Operation SAVE the Earth on YouTube – Only MUST-SEE videos made by Fuku Fighters around the world

Relevant links:

Enenews is the most up-to-date source for news reports worldwide
EX-SKF Used to be a financial blog but now taken over by Fukushima nuke accident. 日本語ブログ
Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki Iori has all the insider info first
FFAN Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network is a coalition of concerned citizens who share information and resources
Dissensus Japan Translated articles from Japanese freelance journalists
Fukushima Greenaction Japan is the English version of the Green Action Japan site
Fairewinds – The Gundersons have dedicated themselves to the cause and have the credentials to back it up
Fukushima Radioactive Contamination Symptoms Research – THE research and collection data site
Radiation.org is a good place to start if you’re new to the game and want to get caught up
Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown News – an aggregator of ALL the latest Fukushima news at-a-glance
Beyond Nuclear is doing the good work
Nuclear Information and Resource Service is exactly what it sounds like and it is global
NuclearCrimes.org is a comprehensive site that shines a light on the bad guys of the nuclear industry
Nuclear Hotseat is not just a podcast, it’s a kick-ass website chock full of info
Fukushima Update is nuclear news from Japan
Safecast is a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements
Enformable Nuclear News – Charts, graphs, data, links? All you need is here
Fukushima Radiation Info is actively raising awareness about the crisis
Nuclear Heritage Network has it all
RadCast is the site to find out what the latest fallout readings look like
Fukushima Facts is a perfect place to start your own mitigation process
Fukushima Radiation Protection is a health-based info site, important to Step 1 of the OSTE plan!
We Are All Radioactive is an online crowdfunded documentary about a group of surfers rallying to rebuild Japan
Meditation for Fukushima – Cali based, spirit motivated!
Silence Deafening – Fukushima fallout, a mother’s response
Fukushima Lessons is all about educating as many people as possible about the future pitfalls
Fukushima Response is the front line for U.S.West Coast Fuku Fighters
simplyinfo.org – Crowd sourced information and analysis full of information related to Fukushima and radiation
Enformable Nuclear News covers all the bases, not just about Fukushima and even has a section in Japanese
Dianuke – Dialogues and resources on nuclear, nature and society
NucNet is the communication network for nuclear energy and ionising radiation
RadPanel has live radiation monitoring available
RadioactiveEU.com is a comprehensive archive of information pertaining to first 11 months following the disaster
Fresh Currents – directly addressing the future of renewable energy in former nuclear powered Japan
Unplug Nuclear Power has the right idea and they show you how!
Nuclear Free Planet is the call to action and your resource guide
Autoradiograph is a Japanese site that shows radiation exposure shots of everyday items from the effected areas
Dr Helen Caldicott has been fighting against nuclear proliferation for decades
Fukushima Radiation Contamination Symptoms Research is the place to learn more about radiation exposure
Nuclear Justice is Dr. Chris Busby’s new site to take on the nuclear powers of the world and shut them down using the law
No Nukes South covers Fukushima AND U.S. based nuclear issues
Fukushima Radiation Victims is where the USS Ronald Reagan lawsuit info is
World Network for Saving Children from Radiation is the hub for info regarding Step 2 of the plan
OCHABERIKAI is a self-help organization of mothers evacuating with their children from Fukushima
Radiation Prevention is a Pinterest-type site with good prevention recommendations
Environment & Energy Publishing has a steady stream of nuclear crisis stories
The Nuclear Proctologist is Dana Durnford’s knowledge-based website
RAPTAwareness is a program put together by FFAN’s Kimberly Roberson and super host Libbe HaLevy!

Social Media Groups and Resources:

311 Fukushima Watchdogs on Facebook
Fukushima Diary on Facebook
3:11 Surviving Japan on Facebook
FFAN-Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network on Facebook
Hope for Fukushima on Facebook
C.A.N. Coalition Against Nukes on Facebook
Chernobyl Children Fukushima Children on Facebook
RadChick Radiation Research & Mitigation on Facebook
Nuclear Information Resource Service on Facebook
Fukushima Exposed on Facebook
Fukushima Response on Facebook
One World, No Nukes on Facebook
Fukushima Archives on Facebook
The Fukushima Cleanup Effort on Facebook
Occupy Fukushima on Twitter
Greenpeace Nuclear on Twitter
MyFukushima on Twitter
Fukushima Eigo Team on Twitter
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Community on Google+

YouTube resources:

MsMilkytheclown compiles the best videos available, MUST SEE viewing!
The MsMilky Show continues on her new channel!
MissingSky101 does great weekly video updates that will get you caught up
EnviroReporter Michael Collins shares West Coast radiation counts and more
Kevin Blanch the Post Ignorance warrior has been making Fukushima videos since day one
The Age of Fission with Lonnie Clark is a great weekly radio show on UCYTV, archived here
RadChick and Nuked Radio offers some of the most comprehensive info available on the web
Goddard’s Journal has the data to back everything up
tokyobrowntabby2 provides all the good stuff straight from the source
The Ghost Letters Report from Tokyo provides a boots-on-the-ground account
rumorecurioso’s channel is like a greatest hits of all of the above
Tekknorg has lots of Chernobyl AND Japanese clips to check out
Deep13th Nuclear Waste Info home of the Nuclear Watch for Fukushima and beyond
WorldNetworkChildren has excellent Japanese videos pertaining to the health needs of the victims
Andrew Ebisu is a filmmaker who is attacking the Fukushima problem from every angle
The Ecological Options Network – comprehensive nuclear coverage across the board
Myla Reason has great videos from local resources that apply globally
Johnny Rayden – Japanese subtitles now on all your favorite Fukushima vids
jrae50021 every Fuku Fighter out there needs to subscribe to this one
nutzforart home grown anti-nuke activism at it’s finest
007bratsche has an excellent collection of international resources
2020 Tokyo is the voice of Okinawa resistance
A Green Road Project tackles the Fukushima nightmare from the sustainable health standpoint
asuperdry has Geiger counter readings from around the affected areas of Japan
BeautifulGirlsbyDana Dana Durnford’s controversial take on Fukushima justice
Beyond Nuclear brings all things nuclear to light
Bridget Kyoto puts a fun French spin on the nuclear problems we face
ConradMillerMD Doctor Miller breaks down the effects of radiation from Fukushima Daiichi

International Connections:

Canadian Collaborative for Radiation Awareness & Monitoring (Canada)
Fukishima Appeal (U.K.)
Fukushima Future (France)
Atomic News (France)
Fukushima Blog (France)
#Fukushima, le journal (France)
Arbeitgemeinschaft für Atomkraftfreie Zukunft (Germany)
Fukushima 3 (Germany)
IPPNW Blog (Germany)
My Voice Against Nuclear Power (Europe) 
Thinknuke (Japan)
Church World Service (Asia/Pacific)
Analyze This! Anti Nuclear and Environmental Movements in India
Project for the Children of Fukushima (Japan)
Tokyo Edogawa Radiation Blog (Japan)
Dynamic Equilibrium for the World Foundation Blog (Japan)
Kikochan’s Blog (Japan)
Mom’s Revolution Blog (Japan)
Blog of Minami Soma City Council Oyama Koichi (Japan)

ずくなしの冷や水 Blog (Japan)

Fuku and Nuke Blogs:

Fukushima by Ton Kraanen is a Scoop.it catch-all for #FukushimaNews stories
Blog by Jan Hemmer reflects strong Chernobyl insights, a must-bookmark
Akio Matsumura is a renowned diplomat dedicated to world peace and understanding about the crisis at Fukushima
Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project (FKHP) is a shelter for Fukushima moms and kids!!!
Complex Absurdity: Fukushima gives great front line insight to the disaster on the ground in Japan
Evacuate Fukushima is a blog dedicated to protecting children and parents from radiation in Japan
Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Disaster has translated news about Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in English.
Fukushima Emergencey What Can We Do? is a Canadian chronicle of Fukushima information
Heal Fukushima is a comprehensive anti-nuclear blog loaded with good links
Fukushima-is-still-news has information about Fukushima published in English in Japanese media
Kanagawa Notebook gives a down-to-earth perspective to post-quake Japan
Save Kids Japan hosted by Mari Takenouchi, Translator/Journalist on radiation issues
Fukushima Voice 2e is the English-language version of a great Japanese blog detailing what’s up with radiation there
Potrblog does the rad counts so you better check-in often
Bobby1’s Blog has articles and insights that you can’t find anywhere else
Fukushima Update has nuclear news from Japan via the Corbett Report
The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial fighting for the right to evacuate kids out of the effected areas
NuclearReader.info is brought to you by Voices for Safe Energy and they illuminate the nuclear nightmare with FACTS
No Nukes Action Committee – concerned individuals and groups against the world wide nuclear renaissance
The Atomic Age provides daily news updates on the issues of nuclear energy and weapons
Vicious World gets right to the heart of the matter and focuses on what’s really important
Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog illuminates what was known and when
GreenWorld is the blog for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Transform Now Plowshares is grassroots anti-nuclear at it’s finest!
Safecast is a citizen-led global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements
RadCast and RADical Consciousness a new blog covering the basics you need to get up to speed
Clean Up the Mines is a grassroots blog dedicated to stop the poisoning of our waters and lands
Mining Awareness Plus has all the deets’ on the nuclear lobbygate we’re up against

Put on your cape. Get involved.

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