Operation SAVE the Earth - Fighting against the Fukushima nuclear disaster

4 Steps

Operation SAVE the Earth is a 4-step plan to save Japan and mankind from certain destruction. Through education and action, these 4 steps can be achieved to save millions of lives from the nuclear fallout of Fukushima Dai-ichi. Together we can help each other survive this global disaster.

Step 1: Educate and Safeguard – Educate yourself and share the knowledge to safeguard your loved ones by being informed. Visit and share the links provided for information on the Fukushima Disaster as well as the health risks that are being caused by this tragedy. Did you know that measureable levels of beta-radioactive materials are found in rain all over the United States and Canada?

Step 2: Evacuate Fukushima Now – Japan is in a state of emergency. The Japanese Government only believes in decontamination and cleanup. In the prefecture of Fukushima alone, over 2 million people who are slowly dying, 300,000 of those are children who are attending schools that are contaminated. How do we move 2 million people? It will take a global effort and it can be done.

Step 3: Control and Contain the situation – Nuclear contamination from the Fukushima disaster is affecting the air, the soil, water tables and ocean. What we need is the nuclear community to put their heads together for a solution to this problem. If we don’t find a way to control and contain the contamination, it’s all over for humankind. Who is going to pay for all of this? The corporations who built the plants in the first place like General Electric, Westinghouse, Hitachi, and Mitsubishi.

Step 4: Nuclear power is OVER – This is probably the hardest part of all. Chernobyl and Fukushima have proved how dangerous nuclear reactors can be. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, not to mention the failures of old and outdated reactors, are warnings that should not be ignored. Renewable energy may be more expensive in some cases BUT the risks are much less. Wind, Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Solar, Clean Coal… There are safe options out there. Let’s get to work.

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